Hi !

My name is Thomas Galeandro-Diamant.

I am a PhD student in chemistry (catalysis) at CNRS in the beautiful city of Lyon (France), working on a research project in collaboration with Bluestar Silicones.

I'll be happy to talk to you on Twitter, Linkedin or Viadeo.

I am looking for a job in industry, starting in January 2017, in research and development. If you know some opportunity, please contact me at thomas dot galeandro at gmail dot com.

My PhD

I am interested in nanostructured catalysts for alkene hydrosilylation, a reaction used a lot in the silicone industry.

As of today, my research has led to one publication:

  1. Platinum nanoparticles in suspension are as efficient as Karstedt's complex for alkene hydrosilylation
    Galeandro-Diamant, T.; Zanota, M.-L.; Sayah, R.; Veyre, L.; Nikitine, C.; de Bellefon, C.; Marrot, S.; Meille, V. and Thieuleux, C. Chem. Comm. 2015, 51, 16194-16196

Three patents are also being written on my PhD work.

12 grams of carbon

12gramsofcarbon.com is a website that I created in 2012. It explains some subjects of chemistry with short and synthetic articles.

If you have some feedback about it, I will be happy to hear from you.